Personal Advice

Personal tax advice may be desirable if a client is expecting to receive a windfall, change careers or residency or wishing to make provision for their heirs after their death. Personal tax advice may also be related to savings plans or other forms of investment, home equity release, transfer of pensions amongst other areas.

Tax Investigation
Companies or individuals under tax investigation may seek expert advice from advisors skilled and experienced in interfacing with regulatory and tax authorities.

Change in Residency/Second Residency
Clients wishing to change their residency or to explore the possibility of a second residency or second passport whether for tax reasons or to simplify their travelling or living arrangements may wish to seek advice in legal, financial and practical matters from experts familiar with the various residency requirements, immigration rules and citizenship programs offered around the world.

Real Estate
Advice may be sought on the acquisition of real estate especially in countries which impose restrictions on the ownership of real property by foreigners. Aside from legal advice connected with property acquisition or sale advice may be relevant to inheritance of land or real property, rental income (and its taxation). Apart from the legal aspect strategic advice may be beneficial from advisors familiar with the local market conditions.

Inheritance/Estate Planning
Whether preparing a will or inheriting under a will it is prudent to consider all international aspects of estate planning. Local advisors may be called upon to give advice regarding local tax implications or to identify and resolve conflicts between different legal systems.