Malta Documentary Services

Certification of Documents

By Lawyer, Accountant or Auditor
The most basic level of certification is by a lawyer, accountant or auditor. This is likely to be suitable only for use within Malta.

By Notary Public
A notary public is the next level of certification and is a necessary prerequisite for the obtaining of a certification under apostille except where the certified copies have originated from a government department.

Under Apostille
Malta is a party to The Apostille Convention which creates a common standard for the certification of documents to ensure that documents certified in one member country will be accepted in all the others. Only documents certified by government officers or a notary public can be affixed with apostille. Despite being a common standard the cost and timeframe to obtaining certification under apostille varies greatly from country to country and Malta is one of the most affordable countries in the European Union for certification services.

Verification of Documents
Maltese companies do not offer documentary validation services and clients unfamiliar with Maltese identification cards should request copies of passports which can be verified elsewhere.

Translation in Malta is generally available for major European languages and Maltese.