A dime a dozen in ego-centric rap, but his UK grime roots embodies his music with a spirit that really isn’t a thing in the US which is the origin of 90% of the rap I consume. This is fitting given the last few years Skep has enjoyed. The Tottenham spitter is, arguably, at the very top of his game, which only signals good news for the scene at large. [6], In a mixed review, Will Pritchard of Pitchfork concluded that "as Skepta tussles to find his place in the world, you’re left wondering whether he craves the bliss of youthful innocence or the responsibility of being a voice for a generation. I use caps lock way more than my writing lets on. Copyright © 2018 EverythingIsNoise. Here, we get a slick and quick percussion-heavy beat with some East Asian influence. on “Redrum” which is… well, you probably either love it or hate it. Definitely feels like a step back in terms of tone and quality, but at least it wasn’t as bad as “Ladies Hit Squad” which was an unmitigated dumpster fire of a song from Konnichiwa. A few hours later, second single “Greaze Mode” served as a reminder that despite this growth, Skeppy hadn’t lost any of the swagger and style of old. The album features appearances from Nafe Smallz, Key!, J Hus, Cheb Rabi, B Live, Lancey Foux, Lay-Z, Wizkid and Boy Better Know. Bare logos, bare designers Avoiding becoming what society wanted him to be—the stereotypes of criminality that continue to plague the black community—the track celebrates his elevation to the truest version of himself. I’ve always thought that Skepta could carry his own choruses well, but he must not fancy himself a singer as he’s gotten artists like Nafe Smallz, J Hus, and Lay-Z to back him up. comes through with a fairly forgettable guest verse, but Skep is on top form. Though, if the slight change of direction thematically and lyrically has you throwing accusations of the London rapper going soft or Selling Out™, well… then explain this wild-ass production, or his newly tightened vocal flows. Making a strong case for hardest tune on the album, “Redrum” is an anthem for the opposition, brought to life by the string twangs of a beat that almost transports the listener to the Land of the Rising Sun. This is what needs to be branded ‘grown man grime’ from this day forth. You see, a wise man once told me Unfortunately, Ignorance Is Bliss is a deferral, splitting the difference with a series of half-measures. It’s a grime album to bump well into your 60s, a merry go round through Skepta’s mind as he navigates through familiar surroundings with the haters, scorn lovers, and his crew behind him. "[9], Ian McQuaid of The Independent described Ignorance Is Bliss as "a quintessentially London record, as dark and moody as it is brash and innovative", adding that Skepta "might just have invented a new genre. I can see your eyebrows just launched into the stratosphere, so let me explain. It doesn’t do anything good for a track whose hook references Ike Turner and his abusive behavior toward Tina Turner, so it probably wasn’t salvageable from the start despite some solid bars from Skepta about his torrid pusher man past. While that seems cheesy to say, it still makes something as innocuous as Skepta shooting an entire video (“Bullet From A Gun”, above) while seated next to a baby stroller feel like a bold statement. The moves of a grime artist in his prime had the scene salivating at the idea of a new project, and how Skep would attack the game yet again as one of its most complete and accomplished entities. "[4], On 28 April 2019, Skepta announced the release via his social media, sharing the release date and cover art, which NME described as a "grid of nine thermal camera images". Lyrics focus on dropping some knowledge on how a lavish lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: ‘Can’t pay the rent, but you just bought a stony "[6] Ben Beaumount-Thomas of The Guardian complimented the album's production, lyricism and Skepta's delivery: "Throughout it all is Skepta's flow, honed by years spent in clashes, raves and booths into a formidable instrument. Upon release, Ignorance Is Bliss was met with positive reviews and debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart. “Same Old Story” takes aim on how people pursue the perfect #RelationshipGoals to their detriment, never excluding himself from his measured critiques comparing his own love life to an episode of Maury over a deft flute-based beat. The Everything Is Noise-Newsletter is currently in maintenance. Constantly wearing his blackness loudly and proudly, Big Smoke breaks it down further on “Glow In The Dark”, sparing some time to critique the government and the police. Ignorance Is Bliss is the fifth studio album by British rapper Skepta. Track the top streaming cities of Skepta's new album, Ignorance is Bliss. This sensual pleasure goes beyond lyrics and into pure music, and should sustain his career long past his recent triumphant homecoming. An appearance from Luton’s Nafe Smallz fits into the pocket of smooth high-pitched crooner effectively. Everything Is Noise is here to bring you music that you connect with, and provide a positive, accessible space to discuss this music in a open-minded community of fans and creators. In the center is Skepta himself holding his recently born daughter, River. [3] The album features appearances from Nafe Smallz, Key!, J Hus, Cheb Rabi, B Live, Lancey Foux, Lay-Z, Wizkid and Boy Better Know. On 28 July 2019, Skepta released the music video for "Love Me Not", which alongside appearances from both Cheb Rabi and B Live, features cameo appearances from Octavian, Frisco, Chip, Jammer, Slowthai, Lancey Foux, Michael Phantom, and Heartless Crew. Re-purposing the latter’s “Murder On The Dancefloor” and funnelling it back to a grime generation, “Love Me” is the other side of the coin cashed in by “Same Old Story”, only Skepta and guests Cheb Rabi and B Live are direct in their disdain for the girls who have led them on. The themes of Ignorance is Bliss are laid out right on the cover itself. All throughout Ignorance is Bliss, Skepta is critical and cynical of fame, money, and the increasingly fake people that chase it all for the wrong reasons. There are party bangers, pro-black anthems, relationship ballads, call-outs to the opps and even a sample all the way from leftfield, tightly wrapped in by Skepta, who is barring and producing the best he has in years. I’ll start with my favorite, “No Sleep”. First single “Bullet From A Gun” was literally that, the first shell from the chamber of his new musical bank, and it represented a new Skepta entirely: an introspective example of audible elevation and growth, the track was symbolic of the renewed sense of self-purpose in his life. You lot are looking like F1 drivers  Now aged 36 with a child, the UK grime king has plenty of time to be reflective and reconcile with his past, acknowledging the origins that made him who he is without discounting the growth he’s experienced for better or worse. Meanwhile, Lancey’s high-pitched vocals add an element of spookiness to the already ominous beat. American rapper Key! Track the top streaming cities of Skepta's new album, Ignorance is Bliss. The last of whom features on “Glow in the Dark”, a track addressing race and growing up while trying to keep your own head straight, with a breezy hook that lends itself well to the light summer airiness of it all. No matter what, his ear for production to make the message sound snappier than the broken neck you risk from nodding your head to his music hasn’t faltered, and it seems there’s nowhere to go but further up from here. You were never there so you’re tryna get in, what?’. But you gotta have a lot more than what’s in your jeans’. A good old-fashioned Boy Better Know cypher. [5] On 9 May 2019, Skepta released the single "Bullet from a Gun" for streaming and digital download. Man are tryna get out the hood, but You got a pocket full of cash Later that day, Skepta released the second single "Greaze Mode" with Nafe Smallz.[1]. Other features on the album mostly assist in the hook department. Ignorance is Bliss isn’t a cosigning of that mentality, rather more of a warning from someone who knows all too well not to fall into the trappings of ignorance just to earn sought after bliss. Not to mention, with “Gangsta” being a posse track with other members of the collective Boy Better Know, there’s just a lot of shit-talking and posturing, not unlike the kind you would trade with whoever among you was greasy enough to pick Oddjob. With Skepta and Ragz Originale on co-production, they craft an airy, sullen-sounding ode to growth and empowerment. More lyrics for lyrics. Plus, it’s not like he’s a stranger to being introspective and thoughtful – this album isn’t a heel-turn by any means. Skepta and Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the unlikely partnership we didn’t know we wanted. Hate when I hear pricks misuse slang Bringing Ignorance Is Bliss to a frantic close, the before-released “Pure Water” fits like a glove, and with it, Skepta seals the cap on what has been an exciting ride. In the four cardinal directions from the center are people with various expressions and mannerisms; a listless face cradled by a hand, another plugging ears, a ‘shush’, and a face of agony or fear. All rights reserved. [1], In 2018, Skepta announced his next album would be titled SkLevel, but said in April 2019 that the title had been changed because "#SkLEVEL is a 2018 pattern. Skepta switched things up here, and over a claustrophobic instrumental, he is conflicted, wanting to change the situation for those around him but rebuffed at every opportunity by his own actions and that of others. Skepta is razor sharp as he pays tribute to his family and his peers with immaculate clarity. Release date: May 31, 2019 | Boy Better Know | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Stream/Purchase, Skepta‘s cool as hell. Skepta comes through with his trademark braggadocio, confident flexing and girl-stealing lyrics. The album contains 13 songs and has contributions from Nafe Smallz, Key!, J Hus, Cheb Rabi, B Live, Lancey Foux, Lay-Z, Wizkid, Boy Better Know, Ragz, and IO.