The memories become so strong that he purchases bass fishing hooks and spinners and takes his son to the lake. White's vivid 1941 personal essay, 'Once More to the Lake,' the lake serves as the setting for both the author's past and present. and the things around it. If Throughout this literary work detailed comparisons are blended in as he remembers his own vacation to the lake as a young boy. , (White, 187-188) and it shows that ...Rhetorical Analysis of E.B. Reading Response- "Once More to the Lake" E.B. same as his when he was a young boy. White a sense of his boyhood life because years after years it remains the sometimes prevails, and he begins to yearn for his childhood memories of adolescence and happiness. unable to distinguish who he was, whether a father with his son or him with his The essay was just a chronlogical story about a fishing trip, besides the occasional flashback of course. cars stood in front of the store. In abstract “Once more to the lake” is a renowned writing of E.B.White in which the author narrates a story recalling his childhood experience of resorting to a lake in Maine, however the story pertains more with how the author is attached with his background when he revisits the lake with his child. White?s ?Once more to the Lake? From the age of five, the author began to enjoy perennial pleasure at a majestic lake in Maine with his family. Throughout the trip, memories of his childhood, long forgotten, resurface themselves as he experiences the same vacation with his own son. memories recover accidentally without us expecting that, just like what White's essay "Once More to the Lake" is a very well written piece of writing. White. Reem's Response: E.B. It is easy to understand and apply the concept because the story is so realistically true. through the children around them who act the same way as they did when they ways they all look have not changed. For instance they both snuck out on the boat, but he used a quiet oar while his son used an loud outboard motor. his memories by revisiting the place that he went the most with his family Like here with, "…two-track road," and, "…bait box…" White personifies a car as a person standing and possibly watching with the line "…cars stood in front of the store…" It is a line as such that puts the essay into your mind as a movie. first time which will stick with us for the rest or our lives. That. This month long camping trips were an annual event to the lake; in Maine. 188). present even though it just happens for a while artificially. very special feeling and view to this place as a holy spot not as a usual When he got there, he found It both tells a story and supports a main idea White. In E.B Whites essay, “Once More to the Lake” he reflects on his summer outing with his son. Inside, all was just as it had always been. He is able to bring it all together.That is one part of what makes this literature so great. He revealed the differences of the lake and that he himself had changed by time, … s A strong metaphor that White used was, "…stillness of the cathedral…," to describe the placidity of the area he was in. Shortly after arrival however, he finds that time has not changed the setting as much as he would have thought. “..But outside of that vacation was a success” reading this line spotlights that there was certainly a purpose behind writing this piece, a message for the readers to perceive. Most of the essay is written about the present but he jumps periodically to his past. out that things around the lake were unchanged although we all know that The theme of this essay was the passage of time and the changes occurred in the lake. only the role in which he plays. Examine the argument’s opening statement? He uses this effect as a comparison between the past and the present. Everything that he sees from his son, s behaviors makes him think that his White can never forget his childhood memeories, especially the meoris he enjoyed the most. His urge to revisit the lake was strengthened with the readers urge to read just a bit more detail. These trips always took place in the month of August. He uses this effect as a comparison between the past and the present. own father, because he and his son in the present share and do the same thing The first example is the lake itself, the water and its small What strategy does the writer employ? Examine each section of the writer’s argument. him, and this clearly represents that he struggles by letting of his child There are some people who love writing diary where they pretty much record their daily events or dreams or anything about their emotions ... "Far More Likely to Provide The Hunger Poison than Food" B y: Natalina (Sogang University) There are so many starving childre... By:  Natalina (Sogang University) Since time immemorial, man has always questioned the origins of life, perhaps with this simple questio... Too Much Study is Not Always a Bad Thing   By:  Natalina (Sogang University) One of Francis Beacon ’ s essays called   Of Studies... E.B White:  "Everything Was  as It Always Had Been" By: Natalina (Sogang University) People usually like to retrieve t... People usually like to retrieve their childhood memories when they It … As White says in the sentence, Outside, the road was tarred and All the senses, whether it is smell, sight, hearing, taste, shoes. The setting of the essay primarily resides at a lake that offered the author endless amounts of pleasure as a child. 3. The last example is his feeling of being a young boy again when he I think that without his retrospective overlapping of pasts, this story would be largely uninteresting. A very good resource can do the writings for But use it only if u rly cant write anything down. makes everything he sees around the lake seems like they bring his past to the It shows mostly how his son is just like he was, but at the same time his son can be different. the lake, once more with his son, yet he clearly remembers all the things he In the beginning of the story, the narrator is nothing more than a curious child on vacation. examples we can see in White. which prove that everything remains Imagine that this happens to us, I believe that we also can only His curiosity is evident in the quote "I wondered how time would have marred this unique, this holy spot". This is a narrative essay. Moreover, this piece of writing is an extol vignette on a remarkable spiritual adventure. However, it depends also on individual perspective that whether or not things and the person himself change. The passage of time throughout the story has a relentless hold on White, he struggles throughout as reality becomes harder and harder for him to grasp. White’s essay “Once More to the Lake” is an excellent example of creative non-fiction. reminds him of how he was always the first up, although now he lays still while We all know that time goes on, and people get older. While this remains true, the ?restlessness of the tides? There are several In an effort to satisfy these desires, he returns to the lake in his early forties with his son. happened to White. White recalls his memories. No longer is the narrator a child but is now and adult and gains the responsibility of being a father. White used a nicely planned set of rhetorical devices. E.B. Even though the essay takes places while he is in his older years, it focuses more on his childhood state with his father at the same location. The feelings and... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. ...Once More to the Lake by E.B. seeing their childhood photo album again, or sometimes seeing themselves As he says, I began to Whites "Once More to the Lake", A present day father takes his child to an area his family would frequent for a week every summer. The overall theme of this story is the acceptance of aging and the passing of time. place. The effect of the attention to detail in the first 6 paragraphs gives you the feeling that you are right there beside him. well, but sometimes they don, t. s illusion his son sneaks out earlier in the morning. inside, the whole things that we already done stay the same. Not only did White use numerous rhetorical devices, but he combined rhetorical methods to bring his past to our present.