For instance I received two reviews from clients this week, however my total reviews have increased from 32 to 33, instead of to 34. Recently, a client hired me (through the links on this post) to review his business to find why his reviews may have been reviewed. I’m with Tina, this is ridiculous and I know many executives who have stopped using Google entirely. Either you adapt yourself by learning and doing or you hire a professional (or purchase a software) to manage aspects of your business you cannot or do not want to or you fall behind your competitors. Trust me, you’ll be much happier running the day-to-day operations of your business and letting someone else take care of your brand’s online reputation – and your business will be better for it. Get started, Android. But there’s a good chance you found this post via Google search – Obviously, the first stop in hunting down the reason for missing Google reviews was to visit Google and do a quick search for “missing Google reviews.” From this simple search, it is quickly obvious that this is a common problem experienced by many, many business owners. // If your page has been inactive for 6 months, they may consider your business unverified. 13. “In my experience, when Google adjusts something that automatically removes reviews across tons of listings algorithmically, they do not restore these since they were removed intentionally.”. Several of my (older, legit) reviews just disappeared, too. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Speechless. Does not look very good for our business at all. Todd, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Either way going through all your steps still makes it a foolish product and most won’t even bother and will move on which is probably what they want. I’m not connected to that company in any way, not working in the same branch etc. Apparently, the issue is unrelated to the other recent bug with Google My Business where listings were getting suspended after adding shortnames. As soon as I edited the review to remove the word, it became publicly visible. I reviewed Dr Pradeep Jain (Fortis Hospital, Delhi) and my review isn't showing up. As I mentioned earlier that is ridiculous that a simple review system should be designed this way and i think it says a lot about an organization who does it. And this comment thread is over. Or you can just post the review as a testimonial on your own website, which you control. After contacting GMB support, they inform me that the problem happened cause my profile was merge with another one, and because of a problem of Google they got separated and that duplicate "stole" my reviews. Google Reviews Not Showing Up are an Opportunity. Do you have an abnormally large amount of reviews on your Google My Business page? My two recent reviews, 1 business I rated a 1, and the other a 5. Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community. Call yourself Donald Trump or something , On my business more then 17 Customers gave there valuable feedback but after 2 days visible reviews came down to 6 automatically. • If you’re in a business to business (B2B) industry, leave a review of your customer describing your positive experiences working with that customer. Google states that any review with a link in it will be removed. A Google employee accidentally deleted your Google My Business review. No methods of recourse were mentioned. Manipulation of reviews is unethical. 2 months ago, I left a rating without writing a review on a store. If nothing else, install the Google My Business app (Android, iPhone) and reply to reviews and thank people when they leave a review of your business. For your information Travis if someone has exhausted all your steps as well as other steps on the web (which are similar to yours) that in and of itself can be a form of proof as well. Did your business recently receive a large number of reviews? Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Not exactly rocket science, more and more people are having issues with this all over and getting fed up with Google. If you have tons of reviews on Google My Business, but none on Yelp, Facebook, etc., this could be a cause for the deleted reviews. If this happens, the first thing to check is if your Google my Business profile is still verified. To figure out which specific reviews got filtered, look for reviews on your profile (while logged in) that are missing a share icon or a like icon. Administrators, consultants and sometimes executives regularly remote into these systems because they have to for their jobs. I haven’t seen any recent cases where business owners asked Google to unfilter the reviews and got a positive response. You have an onsite review station (iPad, computer etc) at your location. If all of your reviews are written from accounts with profile images, and all reviews use perfect grammar, perfect capitalization, and all mention your business by name – there’s a very good chance the spam alarms are going to go off. This is one of the most frequently asked questions coming from Yelp business page owners.. On Yelp — one of today’s most popular and influential business review sites — reviews and ratings have the power to shape your brand reputation, influence consumer behavior, and improve search engine visibility. I have clients who have posted reviews and not one of the new reviews is showing. He had been sharing the link with his clients and the Google Reviews were rolling in on a regular basis – because he provides great service. When we started asking clients to leave us reviews, the first few stuck but after a few the additional ones started to immediately get filtered. logging into Google Maps, clicking on the hamburger menu at the top left. If the same review appears on Facebook, Yelp, or on a “testimonials” page on your website, the duplicate review on your Google My Business page could be removed. These are 110% geunine client reviews and we cannot understand why google removed them? I did not leave the review while connected to their WiFi but because I was logged into my Google account when I accessed their WiFi, it left a trail. Any info on Google’s most recent review algo update? When a Google account is deleted, the associated reviews are deleted as well. Travis, I have designed many networks and run many companies and let me tell you something.. No way would a company not leave a way for them to individually mess with something if they wanted to. Btw you don’t need a case study for something to be a fact or provable in court of law but courts aren’t exactly going to recognize something this minor unless it starts costing business’s a lot of money which I can’t see. If it hurts your business or whatever to have that public information then remove my comments I understand but for the record it isn’t entirely politically correct. You have to remember, these sites are not charging you to have your business profile listed and they’re not charging you to invite your clients to leave a review. I thought all reviews, the way it should be, showed unless they were profane or violated the main standards or were flagged and the review team agreed they were inappropriate. Time will tell whether the issue gets resolved. Google regularly filters reviews (like all other review channels). Do many of your reviews originate from the same online location? Keep doing it. If you need more help with Google reviews or if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us. 18. Get local search tips, insights, and more. We are all not tech savvy people, I work for a living and don’t have time to be a tech guru! This is the downside – unless the customer writes unique reviews on each review website, you may risk multiple reviews being removed, not just on Google My Business. We have compiled a list of other possible reasons your reviews may have disappeared: Google states that any review with a link in it will be removed. If a review was flagged and deleted by Google, then the customer adds the same review again – it will be removed again. in-depth evaluation to find out why your Google My Business reviews are missing, ask customers to leave an honest review on your Google My Business page, create a direct link to the Google review box, in-depth evaluation to discover why your reviews are disappearing, ask for a review of your business on Facebook, send your clients an email with your Google review link, request to have the Google review removed, get Google to remove a fake or spam review, email series about online business reviews, ask happy customers to leave a review of your business, audit your business profiles to discover why your reviews are disappearing,, 9 Updates You Must Make to Your Business Website & Google My Business During COVID-19 Pandemic, WordCamp KC Presentation – Everything your WordPress Business Website is Missing, How to create a Google My Business review link and ask clients for a review, Google deletes reviews of businesses who do not use Google Ads to promote their business in Google search. It is amusing that you came to my website to spread a conspiracy theory and not back it up with proof while hiding behind an anonymous name on a disposable email address without a profile image linked to a non-existent website… yet you call me a troll. You will not be able to respond to reviews or use other Google Business features until you verify your account again. We live and breathe local search and we’re known far and wide for writing and speaking on it. The identical review is left on various review sites, The review content is deemed by Googles Algorithms to sound artificial. Two things you may want to try to remedy the situation: It’s super-simple to convince me of something – show me the proof. There is a lot of manipulation going on and without access to their networks from the inside I have no way of pin pointing who is doing it but it’s definitely happening. When you offer an incentive, you are more likely to receive a positive review, incorrectly skewing the results. Do you have questions about Google’s review filter? My first Google review disappeared two days after posted. Thanks for posting this article. Does his business have a plan in place to track reviews? Sounds great. The review content was inappropriate or included links, The review was written from a physical location out of your service area, Too many reviews came in at the same time, For some reason, Google chose not to trust the reviewer, possibly a newer Gmail account.