A large parking lot is available for parking horse trailers.

There are multiple ways to summit this peak, but the most popular routes are Rock of Ages and the Kilpacker Trailhead.

San Miguel was a bit too much on the quieter side and placid.

Avalanche danger is high on these peaks due to the overall pitch/steepness.

Telluride never really suffered this problem at least, not to the extent that the lower altitude towns did. If anything, the growth and movement of Placerville illustrated how flexible the miners could be gold, whisky and supplies were on the table. A one-time and short lived settlement located near Placerville but its exact location is sketchy at best. This was written in 1964 and has come to stand for the importance and signifigence of keeping the wilderness wild and virgin. Continue on the road as it climbs south into the basin.Near 11,500', cables (on the ground) from an old ariel tramway become evident. The cattlemen hated the sheepherders.
Continue out of the trees through a large talus field right below El Diente's west ridge. It likewise, is prohibited to camp within 100ft of Navajo Lake or any water source.And of course, as a compliment to future campers and hikers, please be considerate and remember to practice “Leave no Trace” ethics while backcountry.
Wilson is Colorado’s 16th highest peak at 14,246ft (4,343m). It is class 2 the entire way to the Rock of Ages Saddle (13,000ft) and thanks to some very hard and ongoing work by the CFI in surmounting the obstacles that local land owner, Rusty Nichols made difficult for the climbing community, this approach can be considered a viable avenue again with some minor detours along the way including an entirely new trailhead (opened in August of 2011).

Wilson and El Diente can all be day-tripped from every trailhead, I’ll explain a little about the most centered/convenient or oft-used areas for camping.Probably hands down the one area most people use to camp for these three peaks is Navajo Lake located at 11,120ft.

There were about 3-4 years in the early 1900’s where the violence between these two groups threatened to override the town.

The second is from Kilpacker Trailhead via Kilpacker Basin located to the west of the peak. There will be a bit of a ‘rough intersection’ at mile 4.2. If your photo isn't featured, it will still be added to the full collection of photos for this peak. A.D. Wilson went on to climb his namesake mountain via the South Ridge (a difficult & exposed ridge) later that same year. The final, airy moves to the summit give many pause.

Because of its location to El Diente and Wilson Peak, any one of four possible approaches won’t involve any [significant] additional mileage. It is widely considered one of the most difficult 14ers in Colorado.

The North Face of Mt. The industry of mining opened up Colorado to a far larger extent than other places than say, California, Nevada or even Alaska. The Lizard Head Wilderness, especially in the autumn is a thing to behold. After another 0.1 mile, turn right onto FR 645 and continue approx. 1 summit • 14.7 mi • 4,615 ft gain • 10 hr 41 min, "We started the traverse from El Diente sometime around 11:00 AM and made our way back to the point where we met the traverse on the south slopes route. The Lizard Head Head Wilderness is unspoiled and pristine.

Drive 6.5 miles and turn right on the Silver Pick road. Considering this reclusive town lies at the end of a box canyon, I find it interesting that not even Ridgeway or Ouray could muscle enough inhabitants to grow larger with their easier access.

It is prohibited to build a fire within 100ft. Mining existed pretty much everywhere around Mt. Even though some cabins and various foundations were either already built or laid down, the progenitor of the saloon and general store didn’t like the original location. It supported multiple buildings including a post office, a few saloons, general mercantile and even a small hotel. Needless to say, a climbing helmet and axe would be 'essential' to have along. Sitting at a respectable 10,060ft, Kilpacker is the trailhead of choice for El Diente and Mt. Navajo Lake stays iced up well into mid-summer. Contact Central Reservations:

Launching out south from Lizard Head Pass, drive on Co. 145 for roughly 5.5 miles. From the trailhead, hike west through meadows and continue into the trees. We got back to camp a little after dark and built a small campfire so we would have something to drink some wine around."

Once a mine was dug and validated, he named him stake the “Champion Belle”. Placerville was named for the obvious placer gold found here. The view from the summit could very well be in contention for the best from a 14er. The drive from the trailhead from this point can be a bit complicated to follow.

• Wash hands frequently Continue towards El Diente on the right and continue to Mount Wilson. Of the throng of people that ascribe to climb all Colorado’s fourteen thousand foot peaks, these three scraggly mountains are generally reserved for the end or close to it. I’ve yet to ever run into a problem (twice) doing this. Due to the large parcels of private land that surround Placerville now, expansion is guaranteed to never happen.

• Maintain six-feet of physical distance Turn left onto Colorado 145. This route is best for those only doing Mt. One of the most difficult 14ers to climb; the easiest route is a Class 3 scramble on loose rock. There are incredible views looking south from the campground of mountains in Lizard Head Wilderness.

Rising costs, weather, declining profits from supply and demand and two World Wars effectively ended Colorado’s mining era. Because of the sheer area of the aspen coverage, the hills simply explode in every hue of yellow, orange, red and ochre imaginable.

Stay on the road as it climbs east and then south to the top of a small hill with the remains of a rock house. Mt.

Instead, peakery shows vertical gain for specific routes up peaks.

There are four distinct Federal agencies that have, to varying degrees, jurisdiction over the existing wilderness areas and the new ones waiting to be established.

Slipped on it in 3 different areas and nearly fell down the mountain. So since going without supplies or libations simply wasn’t an option, the miners pulled up their stakes and relocated 1.5 miles further up-valley to be in the vicinity of the saloon and commerce.

The floodgates opened once word got out and other would-be prospectors permeated the valley. Wilson and the surrounding wilderness pose massive vertical relief from the thick aspen forests of the low valleys to the almost near vertical cliffs of the alpine. Wilson in near perfect weather.

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