You can also ping me on Twitter. For the past year and a half I have been pretty busy doing threat intelligence and open source intelligence on several malware operations. When a player is able to catch two types of fish with a harpoon (for example able to catch both tuna and swordfish), players w… Whether billing by the hour or with a fixed fee, it's a powerful way to predict profitability at the start of a project vs. scrambling to adjust your project budget later when many times it's too late.

One half of the point is firmly attached to the thrusting base, while the other half of the point is fitted over this first point like a cap and attached to the rest of the point with sinew or another string-like material. Assign roles and permissions for different team members. "Success as a freelancer requires you to effectively predict the ups and downs of your revenue stream over the year. At first, I tried to create random python scripts to automate some of these tasks but it became quickly a mess : too many scripts, some in python 2 some in python 3, some using config files and some getting API key in parameters… After a while, I started to organize these scripts as modules for a tool called Harpoon and after some months of using it, I think it is time to make it open source to see if it can help other people. I think it is really important during an investigation to understand where an information comes from and how reliable it is. The money you spend is just as important as the money you earn. $21.21. Thank you Harpoon!". Of course there are some interesting platforms (like SpyOnWeb) but you may also have to do research in social media, cache platforms and many other random tasks depending where your investigation leads you. Members who have reached level 76 Fishing can harpoon sharksfor 110 experience each at Net/Harpoon fishing spots. Alternately, you can install everything from requirements.txt after you cloned the repository (pip install -r requirements.txt). #39;s investigation into Vawtrak v2 has revealed new information to piece together a more complete view of the Vawtrak banking Trojan and the cybercriminal groups behind it than we've seen before. $50.00. You can finally take control of both. These commands also use a single configuration file that you need to complete manually when an API key is needed. [1][2] They were probably used to harvest swordfish and seals, the bones of which have been found at Red Paint sites.[3]. Please use this only as a guide. Time is money. This harpoon became a whaling standard and replaced the fixed-point "two flue" and "single flue" harpoons that were widely used previously.

It mostly allows you to realise a single task per command (with a couple of more general commmands using several tools). You can install it through pip install git+ssh:// #/s/57d6d33d82df41127d7a6ca4, With scheduling and automated sending of invoices, automated recurring invoices, and auto-billing of your clients' credit cards, prepare to have some extra time on your hands. If you want to use the screenshot module (to take a screenshot of a website), you need to install it through npm : npm install -g phantomjs. Breathe new life into an old system with RGB. Open Source Intelligence (aka OSINT) on the other side is way more diverse. Threat Intelligence mainly relies on passive DNS/malware databases on one side, and databases on malicious activity on the other side. For instance, there is a command for. Harpoon is a tool to automate threat intelligence and open source intelligence tasks. Your own customized dashboard helps you monitor the current and future health of your business, showcasing dozens of crucial metrics. Here is the full list of Vawtrak and Moskalvzapoe IOCs discovered as part of the Blueliv analysis. Unlike earlier harpoon versions which had only one point, a toggling harpoon has a two-part point. This harpoon became so important to the industry that its shape continues to symbolize whaling in the modern day. So I created a repository harpoontools that installs commands using Harpoon features. Toggling harpoons are first associated with the Red Paint culture of New England and Atlantic Canada (c. 5500 BC to c. 4000 BC). And as a business owner you'll love the financial insight of knowing the exact value, cost, and potential profit of every hour your team records in Harpoon. Elevate Your PC Lighting Game – RGB Done Right! Lecture Notes Week Four: Anthropology 3291,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 March 2019, at 00:21. On 30-October-2015, ThreatLabZ noticed a compromised Chinese government website that led to the Angler Exploit Kit with an end payload of Cryptowall 3.0.

At Cage/Harpoon fishing spots, players with level 35 or higher Fishing can catch tuna for 80 experience each while harpooning. For now I have only implemented ipinfo, asninfo and dns : It is hard to give a real-life example of Harpoon as it is helpful for different types of investigations, but let’s try with the recent Palo Alto report about Quasar RAT and focus on the domain akamaicdn[.]ru. With Harpoon's flexible API and full Zapier integration, it's easy to build custom, automated workflows between Harpoon and your favorite third-party products, all without writing a single line of code. The report also provides real infection data and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that readers can input into their existing security solutions to enhance their protection. Harpoon is organized into subcommands that are easy to implement, these commands rely on internal or external libraries. Then check how to use every module with harpoon help MODULE. The code is on Github, feel free to open issues and propose Pull Requests. Hitting this goal means your expenses are covered, salaries are paid, and your business is profitable.

A harpoon is a long spear-like instrument used in fishing, whaling, sealing, and other marine hunting to catch large fish or marine mammals such as whales.

"Harpoon is simple, informative, and always being enhanced. Why choose Harpoon over traditional time-tracking & billing tools? This tool is not perfect, it only does what I needed to automate, it is likely buggy and has a long list of, On top of that, I have implemented some higher level commands to gather information from all these platforms with, And then, there are other commands I implemented because I wanted to see what I could get with some APIs. It is written in Python 3 and organised in plugins so the idea is to have one plugin per platform or task. Harpoon's features are designed around a simple, best-practices approach to managing your agency's finances. Harpoon is a godsend, the best tool out there for performing this task. Finally, you need to configure the tool, mainly by providing the API keys of platforms you can/want to use. No other time-tracking or billing software helps you plan and predict a profitable future for your business like Harpoon does. At Cage/Harpoon fishing spots, players with level 35 or higher Fishing can catch tuna for 80 experience each while harpooning. The toggling harpoon is an ancient weapon and tool used in whaling to impale a whale when thrown. We likely have a partial view of passive DNS information due to Robtex limitations, but let’s check if OTX knows anything about the IP address Harpoon is a plugin-based tool, so it is pretty easy to add new features just by creating new plugins. Harpoon will even automatically follow up with your clients on overdue invoices. Some notes on the principles behind this tool : This post will be boring, mainly because I try to be as exhaustive as I can to complete the limited existing documentation about the tool. This harpoon technology lodges the toggling head of the harpoon underneath both the animal's skin and blubber, and instead lodges the point in the muscle, which also prevents the harpoon slipping out.