Instagram: sarahdifi Read this next: Ben Higgins Is Engaged! A lot of the men start showing off their musical skills, reminding me very much of Bo Burnham, One of the women comments that the men are “wildly talented,” because “wickedly talented” has been trademarked exclusively for the use of discussing. Without giving an overt spoiler, all I can say is that apparently the best way to win a girl over is by singing a break-up song. He announces that this week, at the end of their dates each couple will have the opportunity to spend the night together in their own Fantasy Suite–a Bachelor Franchise classic that is known to stir up plenty of drama. Natasha and Ryan throw us back to the world of High School Musical in full Sharpay and Ryan mode with their sparkly outfits–ready to sing a sassy remix of a song that was written as a ballad (a la, With Matt and Rudi’s relationship on the rocks, we wonder if they’re going to pull through their rendition of “Shallow” (the unofficial national anthem of 2019). We expect that it will bring the house down since they’ve been one of the strongest couples vocally throughout the series. On Episode 2 of Season 1 on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, four new women arrived and four were eliminated. OK, I’ll stop gushing long enough to spend a paragraph talking about actual people and plot points. At the end of the evening, Natasha and Ryan are sent home. Who will find their musical soul mate and a lasting partnership? They spend a romantic moment together with a sweet, loving goodbye, and express their excitement for what their future relationship will hold. Watching contestants sporadically break into song last night, I tried to pinpoint just what made it so pleasing. Three of the couples head straight to Vegas, but Matt and Rudi decide to take a detour somewhere on the edge of rural California, where they spend some quality alone time by the fire and a moderately-sized camera crew. The extent of the sweetness of Natascha and Ryan’s relationship hasn’t been featured much on this show, but as they depart we see their soft sides and get the chance to truly fall for them as a couple. It’s clear no one here is quitting singing or playing when they’ve reached X number of Instagram followers. Jamie and Trevor are smitten, Natascha and Ryan are as flirtatious as ever, Bri and Chris are a match made in heaven, Matt and Rudi are as strong as ever, and Savannah tells us that Brandon is her rock (although frankly he seems to be more of a pet rock–a googly eyed, indifferent, and non-receptive companion). I won’t be surprised if that happens with couples on Listen To Your Heart, but I’m totally fine with that. We’re all on the same page. We spent the first episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart getting to know the contestants and the rules of the show. At the beginning of the episode, we meet some of the contestants and get a feel for their backstories. While Rudi didn’t get that last performance, she thankfully has accumulated more instagram followers than anyone else on the series, which we all know is the only thing that matters anymore if you’re on The Bachelor. Welcome to the World of “Listen To Your Heart,”–the love child of The Bachelor and The Voice. After giving all the contestants immediate anxiety over the mention of fantasy suites, he nods his head like an unconcerned parking garage attendant, says to the contestants, “And remember: Listen To Your Heart.” And walks away, clearly knowing that he has done his only job. And finally, we make it to the big finale performances, which I could not fully pay attention to because I was still upset that I didn’t get another chance to hear Rudi sing. The Bach alum shares her POV on the premiere of the new Bachelor musical series. With this series, the Bachelor Franchise contributes to the current cable TV quarantine time warp–ESPN is showing a wide variety of sports history highlights from the early 2000’s, TBS is going hard with the Friends reruns, and now The Bachelor is giving us a musical spin-off that is essentially High School Musical for Adults. They are set to spend the week going on extravagant dates together and preparing for a singing competition in front of a live audience and several celebrity judges. As the contestants arrive at the mansion, couples start forming quite quickly and it takes about 20 minutes for the hot tub to become the designated makeout spot. Lady Gaga would be extremely proud of their performance, especially considering that by looking at the size of the audience, there were approximately 100 people in the room. They then sit on a random couch that was placed in the middle of the ice skating rink, looking like two actors in rehearsal for the “Big Comfy Couch” segment of PBS Kids On Ice. Writer, actor, composer, and caterer with lots of experience in being inexperienced. On The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart Season 1 Episode 5, after a tough round of judging the final four couples take their talents to Las Vegas. The next day, we see contrasting shots of Jamie and Trevor enjoying a morning together in matching robes like young lovers (or giddy sorority sisters), and Bri and Chris clashing a bit during their musical rehearsal. Jamie and Trevor have a romantic date and end up going to the fantasy suite together, but Bri and Chris, who have seemed to be the strongest couple throughout the season, are still a little off energetically during their date and don’t go to the fantasy suite. Trevor is honest with Jamie and tells her that he has only spoken about “The L Word” with two other people in his life. Throughout the first episode, we saw Brandon become the man many women want to be with, and now there are two more to add to the list. But they give what is quite possibly the best performance of the entire season, singing their hearts out and falling for each other more and more with each note. + Every Other Bachelor Couple, Has Been Postponed—Here’s What to Watch Instead, Hannah B. and Tyler C. Made a Quarantine TikTok Account. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. We get some more early 2000s nostalgia while one couple sings “Gravity” by John Mayer, and the Plain White Tees gives a performance in coordinating light wash jean jackets. Twitter: sarahdifi_, Best Tweets From the Season 16 Premiere of ‘The Bachelorette’, Check Out the First Preview of ABC’s Crime Thriller ‘Big Sky’ Coming This Fall, Best & Funniest Tweets from the Season 29 Premiere of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ABC Sets Fall Premiere Dates for ‘The Conners,’ ‘black-ish,’ ‘Goldbergs’ and More, ABC Airing ‘Black Panther’ Followed by a Tribute Special Honoring the Late Chadwick Boseman Tonight, ABC’s Fall 2020 Lineup Includes Reality TV and Game Shows As ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘The Good Doctor’ Delayed. Who will end up on top in next week’s season finale? Interestingly, the very aspect of this show I was expecting to be the most groan-worthy—the music—turned out to be what I enjoyed most. Matt and Rudi finally make it to Vegas after their quaint getaway at the Hotel California. THE BACHELOR PRESENTS: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART - "Week 1" - The next chapter in Bachelor Franchise history begins with the arrival of 20 hot, single musicians - 12 men and eight women - from across the country looking for love and musical chemistry. But in both parties’ defence, this felt like one of the more producer-puppeteered parts of last night’s finale. Read this next: The Bachelorette Has Been Postponed—Here’s What to Watch Instead. The Best & Funniest Tweets from The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Week 4. That means three women are heading home. Natascha is genuinely heartbroken, but Ryan is there to support her and reassures her that everything is going to be okay. There’s something refreshing about no one having anything to hide; they are all pursuing careers in music, and there’s no shame in that being prioritized on a level akin to “finding love.” Consider the playing field levelled. Required fields are marked *, ‘High School Musical’ Reunion! Sure, some people would couple up for awhile, perhaps genuinely or perhaps out of convenience or strategy. There was no pretending, no insulting our intelligence as to why folks were there. JAMIE, RYAN. Brandon attempts to redeem himself with Savannah when she calls him out for playing mind games and making her feel like a second choice, but he is ultimately unsuccessful as Savannah sends herself home with her head held high. I would also like to note that during this portion of the episode, the ABC News banner at the bottom of the television screen spelled the word “Forecast” as “FOERCAST”, in all caps, and it was honestly thrilling. Knowing how inexperienced Matt is with The Bachelor (enough to not know Chris Harrison’s name), you can imagine how a producer probably couldn’t resist steering him towards Mel (child’s play for these producers). Here’s how to watch The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart Episode 2 live. To become presentably “good” at what you do, one must be constantly improving, or at the very least striving to improve. ), so the movie that “inspired” this show in no way “inspired” me to like this spinoff. Ryan also comments on Savannah and Brandon’s relationship, concluding that even though they have had some rough patches in a cringe-worthy love triangle with Julia, it doesn’t seem like anything is going to break them apart; which means that two minutes later, something happens that breaks them apart. The next day, while the couples are rehearsing for their upcoming performances, Brandon discloses to Natascha that if the choice was his, he would have picked Savannah over Julia. Watch The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart Season 1 Episode 5 : Episode 5 Full Series Streaming, They spend a romantic moment together with a sweet, loving goodbye, and express their excitement for what their future relationship will hold. That doesn’t hurt.) Isn’t it funny that this is where reality TV has gotten us? Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. One of the women comments that the men are “wildly talented,” because “wickedly talented” has been trademarked exclusively for the use of discussing Adele Dazeem.