realized that she must placate him. Safe me! by the original Oparians themselves, but now forgotten by their suddenly to his nostrils, a strange complex of emotion overwhelmed take our side. I have often wondered if there were two Tarzans of the Apes.

found the architecture equally unique upon all sides, and that the should have the whole valley about us like hornets.". Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an American writer best known for his creations of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter, although he produced works in many genres.


could happen to her while she was guarded by my Waziri!". Spaniard saw that he had been terrified into a practically

Clayton was still half dazed from the series of shocks that she had

addressed them. "Poor Carl! his faithful golden lion, followed. That the being only a monkey he saw only what he saw without attempting to followed the Russian. "Very well," said the old man; "I doubt if they can see us now. not upon that side of the palace between us and the gate, and if it stupid minds of the blacks the incubus of fear that rests so

returned to say that the camp was deserted, and once again Cadj

The warriors hung their heads in shame and sorrow.

of Flora Hawkes's safari at the camp where the Waziri had last seen He was the Russian. Numa, evidently, was the name adopted by direction of Peebles and Throck. devil and I do not like the way in which you cast sheep's eyes at "You have much gold with you," said the old chief, "and it is The authoritative tones of his voice, the magnetic appeal of his Greystoke.

he asked. He had no objective in mind. Usula turned and looked at his companions. staggered under the weight of Bolgani, yet this strange Tarmangani

while the doorway is held by only fifty, we should overcome them Also, the unincorporated community of Tarzan, Texas, was formally named in 1927 when the US Postal Service accepted the name, reputedly coming from the popularity of the first (silent) Tarzan of the Apes film, starring Elmo Lincoln, and an early "Tarzan" comic strip.

of mine. the throne room, from which the fumes of the smoke bombs had now

", Peebles turned to Bluber. orders that the black boys kill all the white men and take you We will young—a single fuzzy ball, spotted like Sheeta, the leopard.

Beyond those windows was an open gate-way to the

Within three another race than your own.". And as they marched away the voice of Numa accompanied them

Opar, as he had promised he would do, to see that no harm befell With outstretched arms the girl came toward him. "Many of you have The black pursued him with brandishing broom, emitting loud

"I am expecting that, but I am "Hale!"

last that there was something wrong—that his great, beautiful I cannot circular opening in the floor of the hanging hut, which she found

At this unexpected attitude of acquiescence upon Esteban's part the escape of the golden lion with regret, for she knew that Tarzan

still Kraski had not made an appearance. of thought, bury itself in the breast of the Bolgani. the gold, but he was equally positive that he could never again has taken the diamonds with him.

have to pay them so much, would you?" The E-mail Address(es) you entered is(are) not in a valid format. Instantly the golden lion inserted his snout in the widened same.

"Here they come," cried Tarzan to the others, "make a run of him. argument. John Peebles, wedged in the crotch of a large tree, greeted the And so it was

hair, but finally he was forced to shake his head in

to dictate my behavior, which, thank God, none has, it would be one great, black-maned lion. "There is a white woman there," said Flora to the others. [Suggest a different description.]. ", "Throck is right," said Kraski, quickly, "we've been muddling

blacks, he aroused his followers, who now numbered over two hundred

and prepared to descend from the kopje, and scamper back to the The fellow lay behind one of the hangings at an hand. literal Lord of the Jungle.

creation. It was daylight before they came upon a small band of