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Upon submitting a form, we utilise Microsoft Flow (Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine) to initiate one or more approval processes in the background. Services. We help our customers build full-fledged intranets, document management systems, learning management systems, and more based on any version of SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

It’s Possible. We handle complex business challenges building all types of custom and platform-based solutions and providing a comprehensive set of end-to-end IT services. We are very, very impressed.

If you’re interested in seeing how our SharePoint team can automate your processes and workflows, please get in touch! Whether it is technological, environmental or medical, we have safe guarded every member of 200OK Solutions and have acted responsibly to take care of themselves and their family and undoubtedly all our clients across globe.

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Work from home is not how we have been trained in INDIA. Everyone was happy to have this solution.

Importantly, it is allowing our technicians to work more safely. We look forward to speaking with you.

before adopting SharePoint, National Bank of Canada used to have 15 odd financial planners fill in their views, comments, analysis on the customer feedback form, in an excel format.

SharePoint Case Studies As a SharePoint Partner holding the Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency, we turn extensive collaboration capabilities of the platform into effective solutions for organizations all over the world. Provide internal and external users with secure, remote access to SharePoint.

We are a team of 700 employees, including technical experts and BAs. Email:, Toll Free: +1.866.685.7962 Now with the use of Sharepoint, all can work on singular documents concurrently on SharePoint site. endobj Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project builds bridges amongst teams with an... Read case study. Reliability, security and best practice are a given. Life sciences nonprofit improves collaboration and compliance ... Shoosmiths creates a cohesive workflow with SharePoint and K2 Read case study. Get help from the Colligo community A common issue with enterprise is how to reliably control, track & audit purchasing. Check some of our SharePoint projects below, and if you don’t see a project similar to yours among them, don’t hesitate to, SharePoint Intranet Development for a 45,000-Employee Bank, SharePoint Learning Portal Development for a UK Social Care Services Provider, SharePoint Intranet Redesign for a US Community Bank, HR-Focused Portal Development for a Construction Company, SharePoint Employee Portal Development for a Telecom Company, Project Management Software Development for a Consulting Company, SharePoint Portal Development for an International Chain of 14 Shopping Malls, Intranet Modernization for a Phyto-Therapeutic Company, SharePoint Intranet Development for a Dealership Management Software Provider, SharePoint Online Intranet Development for a US Chain of Pet Hospitals, 5900 S. Lake Forest Drive Suite 300, McKinney, Dallas area, TX 75070. You can also expect productivity gains and cost savings. 300-1090 Homer Street Perimeter. The workflow, in this case, directs the approval based on the site location and several costing thresholds. National Bank Of Canada adopted Microsoft technologies wholeheartedly which has transformed how they do their business. If you too are interested in understanding how SharePoint can help you in your business, please contact us by clicking here. Small-to-medium enterprise generally do not use expensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that allow for approvals of orders, and larger organisations may not feel that the cost associated with licensing ERP for all users is worthwhile. For e.g. The approver can then action the request directly from their email or mobile. Finally, as we are capturing information around the creation, approval and content of the approvals within SharePoint we can easily add business intelligence on top of the data using Microsoft Power BI to extract important and meaningful reports. I don’t think you can properly use SharePoint without connecting it to Outlook. ScienceSoft delivered an HR portal balanced in business and social features for a Canadian construction company. ", "Colligo has enabled the National Grid legal department to leverage the power of SharePoint in a way that is familiar and seamless to our users". "“Colligo gave our company and our sales team what they each wanted – drag and drop ease of saving emails and better utilization of SharePoint.“", "From my point of view, Colligo simply makes SharePoint transparent to the user. It is headquartered in Montreal and has million personal clients. Any changes made to the form during the process are captured by SharePoint’s versioning system and can easily be checked to see what changes were made, when and by who. SharePoint Intranet-in-a-box; LMS365 for Office 365; ... SharePoint consultancy, UX & development to build a digital workplace serving a diverse user base of 1,700 people.

The PO application in this case displays a list of all current purchase orders, their status and the ability to quickly filter down via selected columns. The portal streamlines the work of HR and other departments and increases employee engagement due to diverse social features. By integrating into the clients accounting application and controlling the approval workflows we ensured that any ordering outside of defined parameters are being flagged to the required staff. SharePoint in this case too has helped in three most important areas: Collaboration, Engagement and Communication. Submit a support request, © Copyright 2000-2020 Olbia Software Inc. - Privacy Policy. Arla’s original intranet was a custom-coded site built on an on-premises installation of SharePoint. ", "We felt that the familiar, easy-to-use tools that SharePoint and Colligo provided would be readily accepted by users. 3 0 obj PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONNECT WITH US ON: SharePoint case study today is about National Bank Of Canada. 1 0 obj

... Share and save content to SharePoint and Office 365 from desktop, Outlook, and Office apps.