At age 7 Nyjah became sponsored by Element and by 12 and 13 he was already earning over $300,000 a year from sponsors and endorsements. DC has always been my top choice for a shoe sponsor but I think it took this past year for them to see what I've accomplished and how I did in the contests and my video part and all that for it to finally come through. Why do you think that is? He started with serious trainings and spent every day in the skateboarding. If he were to attempt to wear all of his gold medals from the X-Games alone, he would make Mr. T look like a pauper. During 2013, he recorded several promotional ads and published several videos in which he shows his skills. He enjoys a lot of in life and he has excellent financial incomes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  The children were raised in a strict Rastafarian lifestyle by their father Clay Herbert. “I think that's what got me to where I’m at now. They were doing tattoos, little bangers, outside in the parking lot. At 8, Huston appeared to be progressing in the sport at an astonishing rate. And then he kept talking to me about it and then eventually I was like, ‘Fuck it. Huston’s father was a skateboarder and made his sons start skating when Nyjah was only 5 years old. Create a free website or blog at Submit your film TODAY!! Nyjah is living the life he was had always dreamed of. I like to practice kindness. “I wouldn't say [I was] scared. At the very young age of two we started to see his OCD tendencies. Huston’s tattoo story begins in the same place where his career took off, although, thankfully, at a different time. At age 7 Nyjah became sponsored by Element and by 12 and 13 he was already earning over $300,000 a year from sponsors and endorsements. From the Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait series. It's knowing, ‘Damn, I know I'm going to be hyped on this after, but I really have to sit here for 20 hours and go through this shit.’ Just that thought of, ‘I have to be in pain for this long.’”. I imagine his legacy will be very significant to skateboarding in the end – more so than now. Browse and share audio in our library. I’m down.’ And then I went outside and I got it.”. Deadline: Oct 1st. Huston had the classic Thrasher “Skate and Destroy” logo inked onto his forearm.

521.5k Likes, 4,882 Comments - Nyjah Huston (@nyjah) on Instagram: “My Dad is Black and Japanese, my Mom is White. Even when he’s hanging out at the shop after a couple of adult beverages. We never hoped or dreamed for any of our children to become pro skaters. Portraits get covered up all the time, but this one was a little tricky. “Nyjah Huston” | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 86.” The Nine Club (Youtube) , The Nine Club , 26 Feb. 2018, "Hot Skater: Nyjah Huston." Anybody can get a quick banger tattooed on their arm, but sitting for 20 hours while Thomas Hooper goes to town on your neck takes some serious dedication. And yeah, I guess it was a little scary to be out there on the course, especially a contest like Tampa. Huston still has one major accomplishment in his sights—an Olympic gold medal. ( Log Out /  The other boys were more like “social skaters” and liked to skate with their friends. Oh, by the time I even showed her, I had already gotten a new tattoo for my mom. But without these times it wouldn't have made Nyjah the inspiring person he is today. As his mom, this is a tough one for me. As well as having various definitions of a hero, people characterize heroes based accordingly on their option of what a hero is to them. “If I wasn't raised they I was, I mean yeah I had a strict dad and it was really hard growing up with him sometimes, but it got me to where I am now“ (The Nine Club 32:00-36:00). [20], As of December 2019, Huston is sponsored by Nike SB, Diamond Supply Co., Element Skateboards, Ricta Wheels, Monster Energy, Social CBD, Doritos, Mob Grip, Mountain Dew, flatbread Neapolitan pizzeria, and Adapt Technology. He had several skateboards he used for training, and his father always allowed him to train in his spare time. There Nyjah as young child has faced many troubles from having strict father, where he restricted Nyjah from doing the things normal kids loved doing, to him living on an isolated farm in very hard conditions , and growing up with now friends, to finally his parents divorcing, Nyjah perceived through all these hard times in his life and overcame them. Huston won three awards at the event: "Best Video Part" (for Huston's Rise & Shine video release), "New Era Readers' Choice" (the only award chosen solely by the readers of the magazine and Transworld website), and "Best Street".[24][25]. It was a portrait of his mom. All those kids love skateboarding, but they don't have the means or a decent park. An interview with the best skateboarder in the world. “That’s what I’ve done with my left leg,” Huston explains.

I really wouldn't change anything about it.”. "The Impossible Rise Of Nyjah Huston.” Rolling Stone, no. In response to the DC Shoes announcement, Huston explained that "I think it was all a buildup of things over the past year.

When he won the gold medal at the 2013 X Games Street League competition in Barcelona, the renowned magazine Transworld SKATEboarding announced that no skateboarder has earned so much money so far and that Nyjah Huston is the most successful skateboarder in the world. He was with a lot of talented skateboarders in the team and immediately showed his talent and skill. Our 15,000 square foot building was leased to us for about $.10/ft. So it's all good. Then, at the age of 10, he entered the 2005 Tampa Am.

For Nyjah’s two older brothers Jahmai & Ahbi, it became discouraging because most of Pop’s attention went to Nyjah. He didn’t get intimidated by the competition. So I'm out there, like, trying not to get run over and shit.”. Although he’s only 24 years old, he has already made a huge financial profit and has made an excellent career. / I was always the black sheep. Nyjah, in particular, just had so much natural discipline and could skate alone for hours. Yes, I did personally homeschool all of our children. He has gained a lot of financial profit and he is one of the richest skateboards in the world.

“People always ask me how you make it in skateboarding, and I always tell them, it's definitely not just your skateboarding that's going to make you big in the skateboarding industry, I’m sure you know a ton of people out there who do the most insane tricks, but it's  definitely more than that it’s about being a good person deep down, having a positive personality, and just overall being someone who people always want to be around with” (The Nine Club 40:00-45:00).

Let It Flow OrganizationESPN.comNyjah HustonX Games.comNyjah Huston’s career has indeed led him to show caring for those need and has been faithful to overcome his challenges in life, therefore it is inevitable that Nyjah Huston is an accurate example of a hero. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This clearly shows how Nyjah Huston demonstrates the true definition of her through the act of perseverance and overcoming his rough times growing up as a child. Full Results", "NYJAH HUSTON WINS STREET LEAGUE BARCELONA", "Top 15 Most Influential Skateboarders Of All-Time",,,, "DC SHOES: NYJAH HUSTON SIGNATURE SHOE - WITH IMPACT G TECHNOLOGY", "NYJAH, SILAS ADDED TO KIMBERLEY DIAMOND CUP SOUTH AFRICA", "NYJAH'S 270 KICKFLIP LIPSLIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA", "Nyjah Huston Cleans Up at Annual TransWorld Skate Awards", "14th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards Presented By New Era, Winners Announced", "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD - Nyjah Huston Gameplay",, "K.R.3.A.M. My children’s father, Adeyemi, was my boyfriend in sixth grade and also the bad boy in town. Huston's mother Kelle Huston reported that her son "bruised and scraped the right side of his torso" in a skateboarding accident, but an article from the Street League website stated that Huston would be fit to compete in the next contest round in July 2013 in Portland, Oregon. “I mean, P-Rod [Paul Rodriguez], Chris Hall, [Andrew] Reynolds, all those legends.

At only 25, Huston has won more money skating than any other pro. When he was 2 years old, his parents often bothered and his mother declared that his father had a violent behavior. After four incredibly painful laser sessions, he had the side of his chest redone. He promised that when he became successful and rich, he would return to San Lorenzo and buy the house in which he lived in. Nyjah Huston began his career in 2008 when he signed a contract with Element Company and joined in their skateboard team. Meet Nyjah Huston's manager and mom, the amazing Kelle Huston! The work it takes to get to the top is hard, but Huston’s competitive drive is still burning strong. [17], Huston was added to the competition lineup for the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa, held from September 28 to 29. 2020 Moto Issue at the Inked Shop by clicking here.

At age 7 Nyjah became sponsored by Element and by 12 and 13 he was already earning over $300,000 a year from sponsors and endorsements. He managed to win the next 3 tournaments and entered in the top 10 best skateboarders in the world. We've completed a lot of projects where we've built and repaired broken water wells. The footage… according to his father while on the witness stand during our divorce trial, was destroyed. We tried to find out some of the secrets behind skateboarding's favorite podcast. Sign-up for our newsletter to inspire your inbox. View  winning films from the MY HERO International Film Festival! He founded this company with the help of 3 colleagues and during the duration of this company recorded several promotional ads. I am pretty business minded, so maybe one day, we can collaborate and make a crazy movie. At 2 years old, Nyjah Huston used to commandeer dad Adeyemi's old skateboard.

He has achieved a lot of success and has won many competitions since he started his career. Nyjah Huston's Growing Pains - ESPN X Games. Throughout his career of skateboarding, Nyjah has won countless awards contests and medals and he still continues to this day. April 28, 2014 This is as clear in his skating as it is in his tattoo collection. When he was 13, he applied for participation in the first tournament and immediately showed his talent and skill. [12], I&I was a short-lived company and operated for approximately two years with a team that consisted of Huston, Richard Jefferson, and Anthony Williams. Professionally created material to help you get started in hero film making! Honestly, just a bunch of random shit. “It was basically right before,” Huston says. Although Nyjah faced many hard times throughout his childhood, without those times he wouldn't be the amazing person he is today. “My dad was always on my ass about skating all the time, taking it really seriously all the time,” Huston remembers. In a classy way. [10], Huston first garnered attention when he signed a sponsorship deal with the Element company and joined the skateboard team. He had only one goal and motivation, and that was skateboarding. They wanted to have choices and become themselves, not just be a reflection of us. This company was called “I & I” and failed to survive for a long time. Huston’s father was a skateboarder and made his sons start skating when Nyjah was only 5 years old. This tournament is called the Kimberley Diamond Cup and was held in September. He is loved but also receives his fair share of hate and criticism. Nyjah wins skateboarding, but not my heart. Huston also appears in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 which is a remake of both Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 games by studio Vicarious Visions, released in September 2020. Download our Annual Report for more detailed information about our daily operations.