What a beautiful story of sacrificial, painful love! Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2019. I highly recommend. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The driftwood was sitting on the plate, untouched... And Toothless was sitting in the middle of the room, looking rather guilty. We laughed and cried...even my husband cried at parts. Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2014. my sons and i have been reading the series for a couple years and was trying to reserve a copy from local library and couldnt even find it in the system... then i found it on amazon for a good price so i ordered it. Hiccup's father is chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe which means Hiccup is the Hope and the Heir to the Hairy Hooligan throne - but most of the time Hiccup feels like a very ordinary boy, finding it hard to be a Hero. "Serves them right - NOBODY borrows books from MY Library and lives to tell the tale" And if the Hairy Scary Librarian was scary even on a social occasion, when you were sitting down at a cosy campfire with the rest of the Tribe all comfortably settled around you, how much scarier still was he when he was doing his business, lurking like a spider round every corner of his spooky Library, his Heart-Slicers at the ready?Particularly when, like Hiccup, you had come to the Library not just to stroll about, but to actually STEAL one of the precious books and take it home with you. Great lessons. How to Speak Dragonese4. Hiccup and Camiazie all the way! Please try again. The waters have risen, flooding fields and washing whole villages away. Now, Camicazi wasn't strictly telling the truth, was she, when she said that the Hairy Scary Librarian was the ONLY person guarding the Meathead Public Library. he snorted furiously. "He's called Toothless, Father," Hiccup said, hurriedly, "and I don't think it was him, you know, it was probably just a spark from the fire..." Unfortunately Toothless chose this particular moment to let out a large woody belch, and two great black puffs of smoke shot out of his nostrils, showering them all with throne splinters.

Please try again. I am sixteen years old, but I will never outgrow children's stories. I listened to most all of these on audio (only because the last couple had a wait at my library so I just got the ebooks so I didn't have to wait). I looooved the series. 5. And has NO TEETH? Welcome back. But I fell in love. How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel11. NOTE TO THOSE WHO SAW THE MOVIES FIRST: Toothless is NOT the dragon of the movies!! [But I'm very glad to know, now, that there are still dragons waiting on another side of the Archipelago.

Whatever else was in there, Hiccup knew that somewhere in that terrifying book-warren there prowled the Hairy Scary Librarian himself, the half-blind, half-dumb Guardian of the Library.Master Swordsman, Mathematical Genius and an all-round scary individual, the Hairy Scary Librarian showed no mercy to Intruders. Fabulous series of books for bedtime stories, grown ups can get just as much from them as children. Warning - Any relationship to any historical fact WHATSOEVER is entirely coincidental, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! When Furious got stabbed by Alven's mom, I for a second thought that he would be fine but when the Book said "surely surely he would be fine" I thought to my self oh no he's DEAD! Hiccup went off to the Pick-Pocketing Finals of the Burglary Competition. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Children's Dragon, Unicorn & Mythical Stories, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Things are dark before dawn, here, and without spoiling anything there are big events brewing within the digital bindings of this spoken tome.

Bertha had accepted, they had bumped bellies on the bet. No shipwrecks, no storms, no close encounters with homicidal villains with hooks for hands, or with the deadlier type of dragon? Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (December 24, 2013), Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2019. How to Steal a Dragon's Sword10. :), Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2016. "Horrendous Haddocks do not write books," muttered Hiccup, looking at the floor. Can he find the Dragon Jewel, mankind's last and only hope and become the Hero once again?How to Train Your Dragon is now a major DreamWorks franchise starring Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett and Jonah Hill and the TV series, Riders of Berk, can be seen on CBeebies and Cartoon Network. The series has all the excitement that keeps them interested, but the language is good, the vocabulary rich, and the messages in the story valuable.